August 06, 2008

Book Pages

I've been working on the pages for the last couple days, although I have posted them.Book10

There are now 4 full scrapbooks with painted pages, at least the first coat. I'm switching between them as pages are set aside to dry, head outside for spray painting, etc.

When spray painting, the paint, of course, gets all over the stencil. I've discovered that immediately after spraying, a cool effect can be obtained by taking the wet stencil and pulling it across another one of the sheet (thus tieing up two books with drying time from each spray).

I've also started a 5th scrapbook that I'm using solely for excess paint mix and brush cleaning.

I made a trip up to the Habitat Restore this morning to pick up some paint shop and browse for interesting tools for finish techniques. Best find was a metal drain for showers ... nice round holes in a round shape.

Several years back my mother gave me a box (shoe box size) of acrylic paint pigments that had come from an Ace Hardware closing in her neighborhood. Came across them the other day and was quite surprised they were not solid. The Restore has quite a few cans of paint base, so picked up a quart (actually the reason I went there). So, over the next couple days I'm going to play with mixing small quantities of paint in (hopefully) brilliant colors. I have a color mixing chart in a watercolor book, and since the names on the tubes are the same as on my tubes of watercolor pigments, I'm hoping they are the same.

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