August 08, 2008

Broach 3

Broach003The Jewelry pieces I've picked up over the last three weeks are all sitting on the side table waiting for me to put away. I was looking through it this afternoon, and this broach came out.

-- Selected a Hercules Doubloon for the base.
-- But out a circle slightly smaller than the base and glued into place.
-- Removed the center piece from a silver earring (it was dingy looking). Replaced the center piece with a white (flat on the bottom) piece that came off a different earrling.
-- Strung some white beads and put in place on the outer circle ... just inside the doubloon rim.
-- Added to white hanging bead earrings at the bottom, among to circle of beads.
-- Put the silver earring back into the center.

I'll let this one set up overnight and put the pin on the back tomorrow.

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