August 08, 2008

Tote 3

This is 2nd tote that I bought recently at a yard sale. It's really a back pack with shoulder straps and a really great zipper panel so one wouldn't have to take the pack off to get something out ... just have a friend unzip and get something out. This was washed a few days back with the other.

-- Stuffed it full of newpapers (makes it easier to paint).
-- Removed the white drawstring cord. Put away in the 'fibers' box. I'm thinking this drawstring will be replaced with leather straps ... will have to experiment to see if they pull nicely through the metal grommets.
- Selected a deep orange, and painted randomly about 60% of the bag.
-- Went out to the shed and found a medium yellow and filled in the rest of the bags. As it dries, the brown background is changing the color to a tannish ... no problem.


Put on a hanger and hung from a door frame to dry. (Difficult to find a place where it touches nothing.

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