September 09, 2008


Bk001 I finally decided it was time to STOP painting pages and considering DOING something with the pages. Spent a good part of the morning putting away all the paint and misc stuff, cleaning up the studio, etc. Beau pulled the sewing machine out for me and brought in the sewing box, supplies, etc.

Before I start creating wall hangings, thought I'd spend a few days working on stitches (i.e., getting to know this sewing machine), cutting the papers, and such. A good starting point seemed to be a few bookmarks, since I'm getting low on them anyway. (I like to send a bookmark as a thank you whenever someones purchases something out of my Etsy shop).

Selected three different pages from the 'paint books' and cut a sections out to create two 5" by 2 1/4" from each. Cut corresponding construction paper and attached the sections together using spray adhesive. Wrote a word in each piece of the construction paper and used the hole punch to make a hole in the top. Sewed them together. The sewing is decorative only; the adhesive would more than hold them together. But, think it adds nicely and it's gives me a feel to the different stitches and how they look. Lost one of the bookmarks when the tension got off and tore the paper. Oh Well. Located a website on making simple tassles. Pulled out some of the threads (from the threads collection, of course) and made 7 tassles. It was really quite simple and one could really get sidetracked playing with these. Applied a coat of polyacrylic to the front and backs to seal.

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