September 11, 2008

Little Bags

Tote68b Rearranged my area abit this morning so that i can have the sewing machine and related sundries on the workbench, and paint supplies and the computer on the side table. This might work quite well as long as I continue to clean up after myself on an hourly basis.

Added stamped images in a variety of corresponding colors on all three bags. Took them outside and added a little more spray paint to the pink and the green bag. Let dry for a couple hours.

Choose to work on the green bag first. Turned back inside out, secured the scarf handle in place and restitched the inside of the bag. Turn back to right sides and again stitched all the way around the bag. (I want this little bag to be secure).

Had to put it away for the night. Thursdays is the day to take MIL to the grocery and have family dinner with her. In looking, it needs more embellishment. I'll probably bring the other two bags to this same state of progress and then work on embellishment together ... particularly since beads is a whole different mess.

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