September 11, 2008

Little Bags

I went to Hobby Lobby a couple days back to pick up some Jewelry Findings. (Yes, I know, Michaels is a whole lot closer, but gosh, I really dislike that store). While there, I discovered that canvas bags were 50% off, so had to pick up a few to play with. Three of the bags are little guys; measuring out at 6" wide x 9" high. They are zippered in the front and have a very long and cheap shoulder cord attached.

  • Opened up the top section of each to remove the cord. Went through my box of scarves and selected three to become the new shoulder straps.
  • Painted each bag with a layer of acrylic paint to somewhat correspond with the scarves. I painted the pink bag inside and out. Then, decided it really didn't add any value, so did not repeat on the 2nd two. Allowed to dry well.
  • Selected stencils and spray paint. Took outside to the paint box and added the 2nd layer of paint. Tote68a

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