September 16, 2008

Rouse Bags


Last Green week, I bought 6 shopping bags at my local Rouses Grocery. We decided to make the commitment to seriously cut-back on the number of plastic bags we bring home. The standing joke incentive was ... as soon as we make it 3 months without one plastic bag we'd go on a cruise to reward ourselves. The joke, of course, being that we'll go on a cruise anyway.

But ... this piece really should be called ... ROUSES PLAYS LIP SERVICE TO GREEN DAY. Now, I know that they charged us only $1.00 each for these bags .... but really ... they could not have intended that we were going to bring them back into there store for very long as they started falling apart by the 3rd grocery trip (called Making Groceries here).

I contemplated throwing them out and getting some new ones .... but that certainly wouldn't fit into the whole conservation thing. So, brought them in (have to keep bags in the car or they won't be available for shopping ... we use them everywhere), and spent almost two hours reinforcing all of the seams, sides, handles ... everywhere. These definitely will not fall apart again. Then, decided I might as well just go for it .... sport around town with shopping bags that are worth being seen with .....


Rouse2Opened up 5 different jars of paint and slathered down the 6 bags. Hung them outside off the porch ceiling fan to dry. (Alex girlfriend commented on them ... he told her it was one of my new sculptural thingies). If there dry tomorrow, I'll add some spray paint. If not, I'll have to wait a couple days as I'm going to need them for the weekly grocery trip on Thursday.

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