September 15, 2008

Stepping Stones for Bonnie

There are 3 1/2 bags (40 lbs ea) of sand concrete mix in the shed left over from the Chatta Ima Mushroom project. Beau's been asking me for awhile what we were going to do with these and recently decided that since Bonnie is fond of the stepping stones we made a few years back, that we'd just make her some of her own.

Pulled out the crawfish trays and Beau cut 12 rounds for me from paper bags. Pulled out a storage container of leftover tiles and another of bottle bottoms. Mixed up some wallpaper paste and created 12 tops for the stepping stones. These are simple pieces ... no great design going on. Just a splash of color for her garden area.

Beau mixed the partial bag of concrete for me yesterday and we cast 3 stones. Unmolded this afternoon and cast another 4. The 4 stones cast today exactly used one bag of the sand mix, which means we have 'crete for 8 more stones. I'll need to make up 4 more topper sheets.


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