September 19, 2008

Stepping Stones, Trio & Beading

After morning chores, I went out to unmold the stepping stones cast yesterday. The initial scraping told me they were still fragile. The mix was not overly wet yesterday and night time temps were only down to the upper 60's. Decided to leave them in the crawfish trays and I'll umold in the morning.
Then, came inside and attached the wire to the hooks on Trio. This project is finished. I'll hang and do some final photos on it Sunday, then contact the recipient that it is ready.
Last night I'd picked out to scarves to be the handles and color inspiration for the next two tote/purses. It was my intention to start on them this afterrnoon. But, Robyn was having a crisis .... it's LSU Football time and the zipper pull on her Football purse broke. I'd committed to making her a new one. Decided, that since she's such an incredible young woman, to make her a beaded one ... versus just giving her a circular keychain to slip through the hole. Out came the beads ....
Jew01 Put together a Purple and Gold Zipper Pull for Robyn. Then, I got completely sidetracked with some small gold metal pieces that have been sitting on the side table for a couple months. Matched them up with some white beads taken from a vintage necklace picked up at yardsale and a heart piece from a hanging earring and created a necklace. Upon completion, decided it just a tad too long. So, after yard sales, and grass cutting tomorrow, I'll rework it a couple links shorter.
Loosy pictures. I'm going to have to get out the manual on this camera and figure out spot focusing settings.

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