September 19, 2008

Tote 4

The plan was to apply the polyacrylic ... sew on snaps and adornments ... but had to dilemna first.

I was checking over the bag this morning when I realized I had a little paint transfer on the inside top edge that I didn't like. So decided to paint it ... Turned the purse inside out and took outside to the paint box. Spray painted a light blue and hung up to dry.

Went back out two hours later and the bag was still tacky to the touch ... hummmm
Went back out after another 4 hours and the bag was still tacky. Darn ....

I'd used the paint previously so decided the inside of the bag is coated ... has a rubber feel ... probably coated for ease of cleaning, as well as increased durability. Did a google on how to fix ...

At dinner, bantered it about with Beau, Alex and Mary. Beau suggested I sand it ... Alex & Mary couldn't even drum up interested.

Later, I got to thinking about how we clean my hands of spray paint with WD-40. Took it out to the garage and sprayed. Firmly wiped down the spray painted interior and ... gosh ... the tacky paint came off, leaving just a very light blue color behind. Took back in the house, layed out on the counter and cleaned thoroughly with dish soap and a scrub brush to ensure residue & smell went away. Then tossed in the dryer. Well, learned that the bags will wash and wear very nicely.


Applied the coat of polyacrylic. Tomorrow I'll do the sewing part and finish this one off

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