November 23, 2008

Tuscany & Bordeaux Zipper Pulls

Several of my beaded pieces sold yesterday on Etsy. So, this morning, thought I should sit down and make a couple new items to put out there .. holiday season coming up and all.

I'd picked up a pack of lightweight silver chain last week. And, since, I had'nt managed to get it put away (still sitting on the side table), it became the selection of choice. I have two drawers of hanging type ornaments (collected from yard sales). I keep saying I should do something with these ... so opened up the 1st drawer and without looking, stuck my hand in and pulled out a package (everything is stored in seperate little bags). Well, the selection ended up being a little bag with small silver pendants that came from loops that hang around wine bottles. Took out two of them and put the other 4 back in the bag/drawer. Moved over to beads, and once again I was drawn towards the sea blue & greens. Something so calming about these colors; plus they look great up against silver.

Pulled out the findings and put together the Tuscany Pull. Then moved on the Bordeaux pull with the same assortment of beads, just a few more on the brownish side.

Zp11 I took pictures of the Tuscany pull, but didn't get around to photographing the Bordeaux until dark ... so those pics didn't turn out so well.

Zp12I listed the Tuscany piece over at my Etsy Store for sale. I'll take more pictures and list the Bordeaux piece tomorrow.

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