November 21, 2008

Yard Sale Saturday, November 21, 2008

YSS-112208 One lone yard sale listed in the paper for Friday, and I headed out. Usually I don't do Friday sales (a girl has to have a limit, you know), but Beau is leaving tomorrow morning early for the LSU game. and it' supposed to be real cold too-boot. And, this one is right down the street.

This must be my fabric week because, for $8.00, I came home with a 3 photocopy boxes and one large (30 gallon size) can full of fabrics. Spent most of the day going through them. I found a variety of receipts and most the cloths seems to be from the 60's ... some great stuff in here. The 'sewer' was quite organized. She (an assumption on my part), had most of the fabric stored in individual plastic bags, which kept them from getting the old musty smell. This should keep me in fabric the rest of my life !

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