December 04, 2008

Charm Necklace ...

CharmNecklace1a I'm intrigued by those necklaces that have a barrage of items hanging from them. Not sure what they are actually called ... I'm calling them charm necklaces. As I collect odds and ends of jewelry pieces, I sort them down into 'hanging' vs. 'non-hanging' when I put them into their respective containers. This type of jewelry was always my intentions for those 'hanging' pieces.

Selected a piece of silver chain, cut to 20" and attached a clasp to the back. Pulled out the 'hanging' container and selected a few central pieces in the 'silver' category. Pulled out a variety of beads and started playing with a few ideas.

Wish I had more time today ... but it's MIL day on Thursday .... grocery shopping, dinner, etc.

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