December 04, 2008

A Whole Lot of Mosaic Glass

Mosaicglass Give up yet ??? It's a whole lot of mosaic glass!

Over the last year, I've made a couple attempts to narrow down some of my old mosaic supplies. I've had a couple sales on Ebay and sold some through my Etsy site, but still have quite abit. Not that I intended it to become a clean-up day, but I was moving containers of the glass around in the garage this morning looking for a couple curtain rods (which I never did find), and decided that enough was enough ... it was time to do something with the rest of these odds and ends.

So, in came the containers of china/plate tiles, stained glass, virtreous tiles and glass gems. Although I saved a number of the glass gems and the metallic vitreous tiles, the rest of the bags I dumped out onto a big sheet. Then, Beau and I sat and mixed it all together. We then loaded it back into 4 large containers. I didn't weigh these, but figure there is approx. 30 - 50 pounds of glass in each container.

The plan .... I have a second Etsy shop that I call Todays Treasure that I set up to see excess inventory, or items of art/craft supplies that I've bought in lots for specific pieces. Anyway, tomorrow I'm going to list ' mosaic tiles by the pound ' and see if there is any interest. These listings last for 4 months. If it turns out there is no interest, then guess I'll find some good organization to donate it to ....
Todays Treasure @ Etsy

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