December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me /// Snow Day

Snow12112008a I'm 50 today. We had a variety of plans. 1st we were going to drive over to Gretna and attend Shannon's graduation (we're so proud of her), and then we were going to go into the City and do the Art Tour and dinner at Shrewsberry Road Tavern. But, Beau woke me this morning to tell me it was snowing. SNOWING ... in Louisiana !!! And, snowing quite abit for quite awhile. Figure we had about 5" ... a real novelty to say the least. We decided it would be best to stay close to home ... lots of folks going to be out there slipping and sliding around not know how to drive on snow (or ice because the temp started dropping at noon). Of course, a set of those fools would be be us. So, we played with out stuff for the morning, went to Michaels for jump rings, to Sesame Inn for lunch, the grocery for potatoes (must have potatoe soup on really cold days) and back home for the rest of the day.
All in all, not a bad day and we'll just do the art tour sometime next week.

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