December 11, 2008

Making Colorful Wire & Beaded Jewelry, by Linda Jones

Yesterday we stopped by Barnes & Noble. Beau wanted to check out a book that was mentioned on one of his shows to see if it should be added to his Christmas list. I headed to the magazines to see what was new in the Somersets. Decided I didn't need any more of them ... I've still not worked through all the ones I already have ... so headed back to look at the jewelry books .... I'd like to develop some skills. Looked through a few, but, with the economy, I'm trying to cut back spending and just can't justify spending $20-30 on a Jewelry Book.

And then, I had this ah-ha moment .... The library. Checked my purse, and yep, the Library card was still intact.

So, next stop, the Library. They had a nice selection. Picked out about 9 books. Got them home and glanced through them. Decided to start with this book.

Now .... I like this book. It's got great instructions, (not like those that give you just enough to really get you in trouble), along with good pictures. I decided I was going to take some time to work through alot of the stuff in here. So, will return the rest of the books to the Library tomorrow (in case someone else needs them) and master the techniques in here.

Worked on making headpins, spirals and those darn little turns today. Quite entertaining and helpful.

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