December 09, 2008

Hat 3 -- Finished; going away, but not to the garbage this time !

Hat3dHat3c Hat 3 is finished. It's not an incredible hat, it has a couple of learning. The primary is my lack of experience sewing ... the topstitching on the brim is sloppy. I believe there were some tension issues (need to get to know this machine), as well as the rows as not properly lined up ... kind of like coloring outside the box. But, this one is finished .... my first hat. I'm going to stick it in an envelope and send it to Stella ... This is a small hat ... head size 21" ... child size. Stella loves red and she loves hats, and at 5, she's not going to notice the imperfections. ((At least I'm not throwing it out .... like Hat 1 & 2).

So, I came out here to the Studio this morning and found myself thinking ... why am I sewing hats to begin with ! I don't wear hats, and other than Pam & Stella, don't know anyone who does. I'm not a great sewer, so it's not like I'm going to design incredible hats to make my financial dreams come true. Then I got to thinking that if I'm sewing simple because I brought home those 85 (probably) pounds of vintage fabrics from a yard sale, that's a pretty poor reason. I know that's no true, however, because I bought that box of 240+ patterns at the Flea Market in Winnie so I could obtain the 10 or so hat patterns that were in there. I don't know. I'm going to think on it for a few days. I certainly did not find making hats 1 - 3 overly enjoyable .... just a bit challenging.

Think I'll do something else for a few days.

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