December 08, 2008

Hat 3 -Haven't thrown it out ..... yet

Hat3b A few days back I took off the regular sewing foot and put on a different ... perhaps a zipper foot ... I'm not sure. I went to put the regular one back on today and I couldn't find it. I was sure I'd put it away ... but that was just too long a shot ... not there. It seems I can see it sitting there ... if I could just identify where it is I sat it. I spent a good two hours looking ... cleaned off a couple areas (even found the soldering rod ... which I've also been looking for for several months ... but, alas, not the sewing foot. I offered a reward ... Lasagne ... at dinner tonight if one of the guys could find it. I thought that would do it ... but neither seems to be doing anything out of the ordinary tonight ... Alex surfing and waiting for Mary to get off work; Beau laying on the couch.

Anyways ... I'm sewing with the incorrect foot, and other than periodic tension problems (I've not really learned how to use the machine), it's going along okay. Have the crown and the brim finished ... lining, facing and all. Tomorrow, I'll finish putting it togehter.

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