February 04, 2009

It's More Than A Placemat, It's a Little Art with Dinner

Last night Paul's 'new potential girlfriend' came by to, I guess, meet the family. It so happened she arrived right at dinnertime, so we quickly pulled up an extra chair and invited her to Gumbo. She says "Oh, how cute, you all eat together".

Cute ... it brings back that memory about 4 years ago when one of Alex friends asked if he could stay over for dinner as he'd never eaten at the table with everyone all together and wanted to see what it was like.

Anyway, almost finished the placemats. (I'm liking these !!!). Tomorrow I'll apply a couple coats of Polyacrylic.

  • Cut the canvas down to 6 pieces at 14" x 18".
  • Brought the sewing machine up to the workbench and straight stitched all the edges.
  • Pulled out the 1" seam tape and the iron (my mother would be so proud I still own one) and under taped all the edges.

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