February 05, 2009

Painting Layers onto Canvas for Wrist Bands

I've was looking at the placemats last night and thinking how this canvas would make sturdy and colorful wristbands. They'd also be quite washable. SO..... this morning, cut two 12" strips off the roll of canvas before Beau put it back under the bed.

  • Cut 8 pieces of canvas at 12" x 12" and the two end pieces ended up at 10" x 12".
  • Selected 8 bottles of paint from the garage and painted the 10 pieces of canvas. Set out to dry.
  • Took all the canvas pieces outside and applied spray paint using a variety of stencils and lace pieces; Left a couple hours to dry.
  • Brought in and added writings or symbols to all but two using permenant markers.
  • Started adding stamps and marks in corresponding acrylic paints.
Of course, I have to do more book pages at the same time. How it works is I invariable pour a little more paint than I need. So, after I do the color on the canvas, I continue on misc. paint pages until I run out of the particular color, then clean the brush, pour another color and repeat. What it means is I have papers and canvas in progress spread all over the floor. Which further dares the cat to come in and lay on top of them. Today he was quite close to being a multi color cat .... Again.
Time today is really hatched up. Had to force myself out of the house at noon to go to the gym. It was a case of 'if I don't go now, I'm not going at all'. Then, of course, it being Thursday, took MIL grocery shopping in the afternoon and brought her home for family dinner. I'm taking Nikki to lunch tomorrow and picking up Lilly, so there will only be a couple hours to play in the morning. I'm already looking forward to it.

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