February 08, 2009

Listing Patterns in my Artfire ' TodaysTreasure ' shop

Each day I try to list a couple of the pending patterns into my Artfire supplies shop. Tonight I was listing McCalls 3230, which is a wrap around skirt. The front cover shows 'Quick & Easy' ... As easy to make as a simple wrap skirt ... takes 90 minutes.

Takes 90 minutes !!! Who in the heck are they kidding. Well, Okay, it just two pattern pieces and I can probably cut it out within 20 minutes, but then, I have to set up the sewing machine and if that entails changing the bobbin, which means I've got to mess with the tension AGAIN, that means another 45 minutes before I even start sewing. And then, there needs to be an alloted time to take out the stitching that went wrong because I didn't read the directions, or possible I did read the directions but didn't understand what they REALLY meant ....

Anyways, the point is the same ... nothing that requires me sewing would ever take only 90 minutes !!!

McCalls 3230

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