February 11, 2009

WB-07: Summer Fields, an Upcycled Wrist Cuff

I cut my index finger on my right hand and my thumb on my left with a razor blade while fixing a pair of Alex pants, so my mood slipped a bit. It so reminds me of my mosaics and having cut fingers so frequently that they don't even warrant a second thought.

So, decided that I'd pick up a little and then work on photographing a few pieces of mosaics that I'd like to get listed in my Artfire shop. But, I picked up the sets ofpainted canvases and the green one called out to me and before I knew it, I was half finished on the WB-07 wrist cuff. These are great fun to design .. look at this, consider that, try this, etc. etc. etc. I stopped after sewing on the disc beads as it was abit difficult with sore fingers and bandaids. I'll finish it tomorrow.

So no cleaning (no surprise there), no pictures

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