February 11, 2009

WB-06: Measuring Time Golden Red Grafitti Wrist Cuff

This morning I selected the reddish canvas that I painted last week. I selected a white measuring tape a button thingie (from a belt), a couple little scrap pieces for the 2nd cuff, and a wonderful gold lamay scarf that I also got last Yard Sale Saturday.

I put together the top and cut the scarf. I quickly decided that the gold lamay was not such a great idea; just a bit scratchy and I'm not sure how well it will hold up to frequent wearing ... the good ole sweat factor (something we southern ladies have to consider). I want these pieces to be washable (at least handwash in a sink) when/should they get dirty. So, out went the gold, and in came the brown from a scrap piece ... nice appearance, sturdy & washable.

Finished it off with round piece of tan velcro .. stitched into place.

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