February 10, 2009

WB05 : It's not Sapphires, but it certainly is a fun and colorful upcycled wrist band, cuff or bracelet

Decided to make another one this morning. Selected the turquoise blue canvas that I painted painted last week and paired it with some plastic gems that I picked up at a yardsale (of course). I decided to try some clear plastic snaps that I recently found at Precision Sewing. (I like these much better than the adhesive Velcro !!!) The gems and the snaps are had sewed, the rest of this is machine stitched together.

This piece is much better and I'm listing it in my shop over at Artfire.

Even though we had to go see the financial guy and get put on a budget, it was a pretty nice day. Had a great Lunch at Shrewsbury Inn on the River and stopped by MIL's house and picked up some of the old stuff from the attic .... more great finds that Beau salvaged for me last Saturday.

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