March 22, 2009

It's Sally, My First Model .... In Progress

I need a model for my tent to display the fabric neckaces. Something unique, not one of those ebay bought wall mannequins. I do have one of those though that I've been using to photo necklaces. I want the piece to be very light and stackable (in case an entire team gets created ... as sometimes happens with me). So, I decided to use the wall mannequin as a paper machie form.

Made a stop by Ace and picked up a new box of wallpaper paste. Beau (being the nice guy he is), shredded newspaper for me while watching basketball. Here's she is on the 2 nd of three layers of paper machie.

I'd used her as a concrete mold a couple times before (in my mosaic days). For form itself is quite thick (since it's meant to be a clothes model. I don't really like that thick look for an art piece, so I'd marked down a couple inches on the inside, so she's still 3-dimensional, but thin and sleek.

I'm working her on the Kitchen counter as that just seems a great place to be for 'Mess Control'. Cleans up nicely. After each layer, I put a fan on her on low and let her dry for a good 2 days. Somewhere between the second and third layer, I decided upon Sally for her name.

After applying the third layer, I let her dry for three days. I wanted to make sure there would be no mold problems growing within.

I took a small sanding pad and lightly went over her and then applied a layer of light brownish acrylic paint. The paint immedialy shows off all of her faults ... that lumpy, bumpy middle age cottage cheese thing going on, even if the breasts don't have the sag. Now, I've seem papier mache pieces that were incredible .. smooth like satin But, this certainly isn't one of them. I guess one could say that Sally is a model that only a mother could love!

No fret however, she's a great kid.

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