March 21, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Thursday paper had an ad for a 200 family + yard sale at the new Arch Bishop Hannah School out on 1077. Well, I had to go to that. I've driven past the school a couple times while it was being built and, was interested to see what it looked like up close. So, dropped Beau off at the Trailhead, at 7am and headed out.

The sale itself was abit of a disappointment, alot of clothing (much that should have just been recycled to rags) and misc. stuff. Spent about 30 minutes browsing and then moved on.

I'd decided to take the back roads back home and just stop at where ever there might be a sign ... and found a good 8 yards sales. Finds :

  • A set of green beads and matching clip earrings.
  • 4 gumby's. These were in a package that indicate they were helpers to plant stands. Put the plant up against the stake and hold in place with the Gumby. Pretty Cool. I thought they might be handy in the tent to hold something in place against the gridwall. Not sure what the something might be, but for 50 cents, it's worth the guess.
  • 1 inspirational stencil
  • 3 scarves
  • a package of 8 crochet hooks. I have no idea why I'm collecting these, however, have a good starting at a container of hooks and knitting needles.
  • one old looking wood ruler.
  • 2 bottles metallic silver fabric writing paint
  • a sheet with three metal bookmarks. These are very thin metal and I thought they might be a fit on a bracelet.
  • a package of small metal dominos

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