March 31, 2009

My second Fiber Necklace, also in Brown -- In Progress

The Beads and Baubels Show was requesting entires into a competition and I thought that I would make a fiber necklace similar to the one I made my sister a couple months ago (which she liked). I started it last Monday; stitched the bobbins together (versus wiring) and got the yarns cut and then, instead of continuing, watched Lilly for a week, went the Bywater and the Palmer Art Market ... even cleaned house a (very) little ... everything but finished the fiber necklace. As a result, I entered ... nada .. to the show.

And then, on Sunday, my dearest sister called and indicated she had a friend who was in want of a similar necklace ... red. So, I thought that I'd make several of these and put online in my store and let her choose which one ... i.e., get my sister out of the middle.

Now, back to the necklace. Cleared off my table this afternoon and pulled the necklace back to the center. Selected the probably beads and started making the bead sets. I'll continue tomorrow.

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