March 31, 2009

Chub Chub Chocker & Pull upcycled from an sad belt

I don't remember when I picked up this sad little belt, but it's been hanging out for some time amongst my found objects. I came across it yesterday while looking for something else, and ... not really sure why, but it demanded it's turn for a new life.


I pulled it out and started taking it apart. And, by the time I was half finished, the idea of the choker sprang forward. So, pulled out the beads ... purple of course (you know, gold & purple ... LSU Tigers and all that) and added a new clasp.


Then, still had 9 of the gold ball/beads and some chain left, so made a few more bead sets (well yes ... purple), and made a matching Zipper Pull. Changed out the Lobster Clasp as the one on the original belt was in bad shape. There are still 6 of the ball/beads left; I returned them to inventory.

With the exception of the findings and the clasps, everything in these two are found objects. I'll be listing them in my artfire shop.

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