March 29, 2009

Beads & Baubels Extravaganza, Mandeville Trailhead

Okay, my first 'not mosaic' show. The weather cooled back to the upper 60's and it really did stop raining. Great deal. The show was just three hours. Sign in at 11:30am, setup for a 1pm start and finish at 4pm. I didn't hear the number of artists present, but I'd guess around 30.

On the low side, the Trailhead never really got around to advertising it, so turn-out was VERY VERY low. In talking with those around me, seems we averaged about one sale per artist and I had one ... thank you Kelly; I appreciate your support and hope you love the wrist cuff.

On the High Side ... the weather was wonderful, I was surrounded by a great group of artists, the woman playing the keyboard and horns was quite good and provided a enjoyable environment, some woman came by selling pastries @ 2 for $1.00, and they were great! I also learned that set up of the current configuration takes about 30 and dear Beau continues to be the greatest sport a husband and best friend could be.

I also added a few items to my needs improvement list:
  • I have to make a fitted table cover; pinning the tablecloth to keep it from flying away is none to classy.
  • I don't like the display I created for the charm bracelets and will need to invent something different. (Poked around looking for clues online and found nada).
  • I need to make some type of backdrops for the gridwalls (for when the tent sides are not in use). I think the open space creates distraction. I need to make the wrist cuffs the features. I'll contemplate this over the next few days.

So, although I just had one sale (again, thank you Kelly), I'm considering it a success.

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