March 28, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, March 28th ... Abita Whole Town Yardsale, Postponed

March 29th is the official date for the Abita Springs Whole Town Yard Sale. But, it rained in preparation. It rained Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ... a little over 4".

This is one of the biggest yard sales of the year ... like yard sales everywhere. Just drive up and down the streets and there they are. Like so many yard sales that at some point one gets tired of stopping for them and just goes home.

Got up early in preparation and just as I was getting ready to go out the door, Beau heard on TV that it was being postponed until next weekend. Ya right! Now I know that some city governments can pull off big things, but a whole town yardsale !! So, I drove up there anyways ... the whole 6 miles. And, as it turns out, only 1/2 (my guess) the town postponed the sale. Heard a variety of times that it appears the rain had stopped and since they had everything ready they just proceeded, even if their town hall postponed.

So yard sale it was .... I lost count, but I'm guess-ti-mating that I made around 25 before getting a bit bored and going home. For this number, my finds are incredible low. Usually on this particular adventure I come home with bags and bags ... but, this time ...

  • 2 Fishermen Rulers
  • a handful of jewelry pieces, old earrings, a necklace .... nothing really special but decent additions for charm bracelets, pulls and such.
  • A whole bunch of buttons .. probably 300 or more
  • 5 Scarves
  • Some Gold String Ties
  • A Childrens Tie with a tie tac that says GAP. (I wanted the tie tac)
  • A Metal Belt

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