March 27, 2009

A Charm Bracelet with Silver Leaves and Green Beads

I brought home a green necklace & earrings from yard sale last Saturday. I took the necklace apart this morning to put away to inventory, and noticed there were a couple links of metal leaves I'd picked up at Hobby Lobby a month or two ago also laying o the side table (waiting to be put away). Seemed these two would match up to an attractive bracelet. Liked the idea of the leaves being silver (to correspond with the chain) and the beads being green. (Versus green leaves and silver beads).

Pulled a silver necklace chain from the inventory drawer. Cut it down to be bracelet size and reattached the same clasp. Dug around in the inventory drawer and pulled out some small accent beads in lighter green, yellow and orange. Seperated 8 silver leaves and made up 14 bead sets and attached all to the silver bracelet.

So, for this piece, the leaves and findings were purchased new, everything else is found object.
Packaged up the remaining materials and put away in inventory. I'll add this to the charm bracelets for sale on Sunday, and should it not sell, I'll list it in my Artfire shop next week.

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