March 06, 2009

Planning on another group of Scarf Beaded Necklaces

I'm going to make up another group of the fabric beaded necklaces for the upcoming Beads & Baubles show. I currently have 10 and would like to have around 30 for the show so there is some variety to choose from.

Pulled out my container of oblong scarves and selected about a dozen of them. There is a lovely selection here. It seems sad that these were unwanted and landed in yard sales.

Going through them, I realized the pink cotton scarf is a FORD product ... I was thinking how funny and wondering if perhaps they were giving away scarves with purchases of pink vehicles. Then, as I was writing this, jumped over and did a Google ... woops, similar ones are selling on Ebay for $15 to $30. Appears this Ford's Breast Cancer Awareness Program. Guess I should have looked before I measured it out and cut it up !

Cut up all but 2 of the scarves. Those two, I put back in the container thinking they might be too fragile.

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