April 17, 2009

Jackson Square Psychic Readers

This weekend is French Quarter Fest. As I'm not big on huge crowds, we only go on Friday. By 11:30 we had our position all set up in Waldonberg park to spend the day, BUT, it was quite chilly with a strong and cool wind blowing off the River. So, by 1pm, we abondoned ship, and after drinks and nachos at Margaritaville, wandered around Jackson Square looking at the art, checking out the street bands and such. Took a variety of pictures ... but, this one is my favorite.

Its one several Psychic stands set up. (Use to be way to Many, but they must be regulated now as I think there was only 4 or 5). In looking at this picture, the Psychic (ya right), is reading cards to the young lady. The young man sitting next to her appeared to be struggling to stay awake. Two of the standing friends were obviously non-believers by the crossed arms and one was stooping over to get a better look. The part I found the funiest was (I assume, as they looked quite similar), the mother ... talking on the phone. I don't know what the card reader was saying, but I could hear the mother loud and clear ... usual he said, she said, kinda stuff ....

I love groups of people; there is always so much going on. Note the NOPD Eye in the Sky in the background. The windows on these are always so dark you can't even tell if there is anyone in there; or if they are awake. And, where do they go to the bathroom anyway.

Although chilly, a nice day. We call this the warm up to Jazz Fest, starting next weekend.

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