June 21, 2009

Jean Jacket Remake

I've been having this Jean Jacket (Bill Blass) for awhile. I picked it up some time back, but never wore it ... it's just so boring. I came across it this morning in the back of my closet and decided it was time for ACTION. I had just washed a group of scarves from yard sales (all get washed before going to the inventory container), so selected one and headed to my studio.

Using the one scarf, ironed on fusible web to the sections of the scarf that I thought I'd use. Then cut out and ironed onto the jacket. This humored me for a good hour, anyway.

I'm not satisfied with it ... it has that 'not-finished' look all over it. So, decided to hang it on the door in my studio and as I have out different materials for this and that, will just keep adding to it until I'm satisfied.

I'm remaking this for me .... and, since it's going to be a really long and hot summer, I have plenty of time to get it finished.

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