June 20, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday, June 20th -- Pearl, MS

I asked the woman at the front desk (Comfort Inn) if there were alot of yard sales in the Pearl community and she was like ... GOSH YES ... everywhere. Well, it was already 90 degF at 7:30, and since Beau was being such a great sport agreeing to go, I limited myself to 5 stops and then agreed to buy Breakfast at Cracker Barrell, which we do not have in our community.

  • 2 pencil storage boxes ... these are among my favorites for small storage.
  • Sewing Accessories ... Thread, fusible tape, etc.
  • Yarn .... (I'm going to have to start using this soon, or figure out how to store it)
  • A Jackson City Police patch
  • A bag full of little locks and keys
  • A Trombone Cleaner
  • A Box of 10 .. Banjo Strings
  • An EZ Knitter Machine (Not Shown) ... Although I'm certainly not interested in knitting, I do have alot of yarn and this might be amusing for a few minutes.

Then, a medicore breakfast ... Cracker Barrel didn't live up to my expections and they no longer have that egg & cheese casserole thingie I used to love (it's probably been a good 10 years since we've been to one).

Then ... the drive back home to Mandeville.

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