June 20, 2009

Couture Clutches

While passing through Oceanside, CA (on vacation), came across a large Thrift store, which, I promptly pulled in. It was as good a reason as any to get out of the car for a few minutes. Well .. Thrift Stores in California are only like Southern Thrift Stores in that they are about the same in appearance. The big difference are the prices. It must be something about the California Sunshine and all, but the items are priced to the point that you might as well just go up to Target and buy new. This must be a real hardship for those that truly need these stores.

Anyways ... (off my soapbox), the left there with only three items ... a coke for Beau, a diet coke for me, and this delightful pattern. Now, I normally wouldn't spend $3.95 for a pattern at a Thrift Store, but a picture of a guy wearing an pink tie and holding a clutch just sold me. This had to be a fun purse. Packed it away in my luggage ... and dropped it into my studio when I got home.

I picked it up a couple days back, and what the heck .... Time to sew. Now this is a great little pattern. It's easy (I have very little actual experience), it uses materials I have on hand and it only takes a couple hours. Perfect.

So ... over the next couple days, along with a tremendous mess in my room, created these three purses. I had a little difficulty attaching the lining to the body on the first, which got better on the second, and became quite comfortable on the third. I pulled out the button and ribbon containers and am playing with different embellishments.

Overall ... having fun .... Who'd ever figure I'd be sewing purses. My dear mama will probably roll over in her grave.

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