June 19, 2009

Jubilee Jam, Jackson MS

We are music lovers and, within reason and budget, like to attend the local events. Awhile back, Beau had seen something on the Jubilee Jam in Jackson for June 19th & 20th. We checked out the lineup and decided we'd give it a try for Friday, June 19th. Ticket prices were just $15.

We reserved us a room at the Comfort Inn in Pearl. (There is a hotel on the street where the Jam is held that we passed up as the reviews said it was pretty old and needed updating. It's location, though, was so perfect, ... walk out the front door and you are in the event ... Get too hot and duck back into your room too cool off. If we go next year, we'll definitely stay there).

The LSU Tigers were playing baseball in Omaha at noon that day, so we started early so we could arrive at the hotel in time to watch the game. But, changed our minds, and headed over to the Ruby Tuesdays to watch at the bar ... eating salad bar and hamburgers to boot. The game was delayed due to rain (didn't actually start until 4pm), but we drove around abit and killed the time just fine.

Headed to downtown Jackson at 5pm for the Festival. Our lineup ....
Shamarr Allen : This is a NOLA local that has a great blues/rock beat and although there was not much of a crowd gathered, put on a good solid show.
Cyril Neville & Tribe 13: Now, over the years I've done alot of backmouthing the Nevilles. Primarily because the close Jazz Fest every year (this year the closed and Neil Young took the 4pm slot .. go figure that). But, we did stay and hear part of them (the brothers/groups as a whole) and I had to admit, there were pretty good. Well, this was just Cyril & his band, Tribal 13 and he was EXCELLENT. I will no longer badmouth the Nevilles ... repeat, I will no longer badmouth the Nevilles.
JJ Grey & Mofro : JJ Grey was my primary motiviation to attend the Jubilee ... I saw him a few years back at Jazz Fest, have been buying his music and am becoming quite a fan. Apparently, me and awhole lot of others .... The crowd grew considerable ... He, & Mofro, put on a splendid show and I'm even a bigger fan ... I'll be visiting Amazon to download OrangeBlossom tomorrow.

Now, we had planned on seeing Guster before calling it a night ... But, did I mention it was hot. I'm talking really hot. I don't think it dropped below 90 and there was even a hint of a breeze in the air. The sweat was dripping off us, our clothing was quite wet and I felt like a giant stickly clam .... so, after very little debate, we called it a night and headed back to the hotel for a shower and relaxation.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any art (the other high side of the festivals) as they didn't set up their artists on Friday night.

We had decided against attenting on Saturda .. no names in particular drew us in .. and with the heat, I think it was a great decision on our part.

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