July 02, 2009

I Did Love My Stained Glass

I'm retooling my studio space. Moving out all the stuff that I no longer spend time with and bringing the current passions to center stage. Or .. out with paper and glass and in with beads and the fabrics.

On the bottom shelf of one of the cabinets was this stained glass. Oh, how I loved the stained glass. Designing it in the mosiacs, shopping and bringing home all those glorious colors, cutting it into the little pieces ... And, this is what's left. I don't plan on anymore mosaic work, but at first said I was going to keep these pieces (there's probably about 80 full sheets along with a good number of partials) for use in a periodic window (although I don't need anymore of these, I still like to give them as gifts when i come across the perfect base), but 3 years have gone by and I've still not used it. So, I thought that I should cut it up and sell it to mosaic artists. But, the truth is, I like having it. Just having it, even if there is no specific purpose.

So, I pulled it out of the cabinets and stored into into a couple boxes, which Beau helped me relocate to a safe space out in the garage. I like knowing its there .... Just in case.

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