July 15, 2009

McCalls 4936 ... Let's try another Pattern

I was at Hancock Fabric the other day and they were having the McCalls 99cent pattern sale. So, I picked up another 5 patterns. So, okay, I have quite an assortment of pattern now. I'd think this should last me a lifetime. I've no doubt that after one makes a couple dozen that one would just start making their own designs ...

Last night I pulled McCalls 4936 out of my pattern drawer and cut it out while watching TV with Beau. Selected a floral fabric, a heavy weight stabilizer and got it all cut out before dinner ((( Made up a new recipe for Red Chili Stew, which was quite wonderful ))). Might have a little time to play with it tomorrow morning and maybe after dinner. That is, of course, if I have any energy left over after a day of painting the bedroom.

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