July 18, 2009

McCalls 4936 ... A success

Finished View F of Mccalls 4936. Well, let's see.

Was about 3/4 finished and got a little exuberant with a seam ripper (yep, had to use a seam ripper), and managed to get a tiny tear in the outter fabric. I fixed the tear by applying fusible interacing between the tear and the lining and top off with a little fabric glue. So, it's hard to notice and will not fray, but I know its there.

This is one really big purse !!! It's more like a small suitcase. I could probably go away for an entire weekend with this guy. I used heavy stabilizer/interfacing on the sides and it stands up on its own ... making it more purse than tote. I am a flower on the Flower Loom and stitched it onto a pinback so that it can be removed, if desired.

Overall, I like this one. Strong, durable and large. I pulled out some blue fabrics and started cutting out the next one. Going to make it mostly the same with something else besides the flower ... that's the plan anyway.

The new bedroom furniture was delivered today and it looks great. It would look even greater, if I'd get the coverlet finished ! And, the house is quite a mess with everything out of the bedroom and not putting it all back. I've decided, for Christmas I want a self-cleaning house.

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