July 04, 2009

New Bedroom Furniture

We've been talking for years (literally) about buying new bedroom furniture. The big issue has been whether we needed one dresser, or two. I was in favor of one (only use 3 drawers now) and Beau felt we needed two (he's big drawer man .... that T-Shirt collection). We've been bantering it around for at least 10 years. It came back up recently and for lack of something better to do on Thursday, we visited a couple furniture stores, adding 2 more on Friday. And, arrived at a decision .... tada ... new furniture. Then, the biggest decision ... when to get it delivered.

Let's see ... can't go moving new and fresh furniture into a stale boring room. Have to ...
  • Decide on new wall color .. hopefully something compatable with the color we last painted the ceiling.
  • Paint the room
  • Repaint all the woodwork (since it's been needing paint since we moved in 10 years ago)
  • Change colors of the door.
  • Make that scarf quilt for a new bedspread I've been thinking about for the last year ...
I'm feeling tired already. So, we told them we'd call in 2-3 weeks and discuss delivery ... No since rushing into it.

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