September 20, 2009

15 Zipper Pulls to take to Gator Fest

I don't know how the general population feels about my Pulls, but I like them.    (Guess I'll find out soon).  I think I have around 30 of them made up, but wanted to create another handful, or two, for the Gator Fest next Saturday.   

I started on them yesterday, and pulled out a whole variety of items and put them together, off and on, yesterday and today.    They are a fun little bit.    For each one, I select a central focal piece and then just start picking and choosing, putting togehter bead sets as needed, until I have all the components chosen.   Then, out come the findings and 30 minutes or so later .... a new zipper pull.

You can see them all (or what is left) in the Zipper Pull section of my Artfire Shop. 

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