September 09, 2009

Finished with Love & Happy

I had pulled out the container of previously made bead sets to use in these bracelets, but, as I should have known ... just what you need at the moment is seldom what you'd put together awhile back on a whim.

So, I've created mostly new bead sets to be in the right colors and sizes. And, while I was at it ... created a couple extra for the pre-made inventory ... not that they will be right in the future, but what the heck.

These two bracelets are created with the scrabble letters, beads, buttons, chain and a few little metal spacer thingies. The chain were from pre-made bracelets sold at Hobby Lobby. I never like the clasps on these, so switched them out to ones just a bit easier for the regular person to put on themselves.

So ... here's Love and Happy ... to honor the release of Beatles 090909.

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