September 12, 2009

Take my Advice; Read the Directions

Last week I found myself thinking about the fabric beaded necklaces ... adding beads and fibers for some variations.    I also wanted to use 1" balls instead of the styrofoam so I could evaulation the difference.    So, I went online and ordered a 'box of balls' from Casey's Wood Products.   They shipped them amazingly fast and they arrived on Wednesday. 

Yesterday afternoon I pulled out the 'oblong scarves' container and made some selections for the next batch of 'fabric beaded necklaces'.    This morning, I dived right in  ... the general game plan being to create at 80-10 sleeves and then I'd pull out the yarns, fibers and beads and embellish either before or during insertion and tieing of the beads.    I proceeded right along; creating 8 sleeves; each taking a little over an hour (cutting and handling scraves are a quite abit more difficult than standard fabric.  Then, this evening, I started to insert beads into the first sleeve. 

WOOPS ... It's too small.   So, I tried the next sleeve, and YEP, it's too SMALL also.   Tried a third, just because I can be a die-hard, with no difference.    I pulled up the computer and looked up my all instructions.   Gosh, I blew it ... the strips are to be cut 4" crosswise, not 4" at the edge, which creates a 3" strip.     So ... I threw the 8 strips away, and tomorrow, I'll start over. 

Take my advice, read the directions before you start your project ... even if it's one you've done before.

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