September 13, 2009

Fabric Beaded Necklaces ... As per the Instructions

I selected a vintage (60's) piece of loose weave fabric that I've had for quite awhile.

I cut off a 12" strip of fabric, which was then cut down, on the bias, to 4" strips (these are the general instructions from the original Amy Butler pattern).   I stitched the individual pieces together to create one long bias strip.   Then, pulled out some fabric markers and wrote in some words ... Everyone loves summer flowers ... randomly, in green and outlined the flowers and leaves in black.   

Sewed the edges together and turned the tube right side out.  Inserted the wooden balls one by one, knotting in place as I went along.   Underturned the ends and stitched together.

The wooden balls, of course, make the necklace heavier than those I made with the styrofoam.   I like the extra weight, however.   Gives the necklace a bit of substances and it lays nicely.   It's not so heavy as to be uncomfortable.  I also like the way the writings and outlines make the pattern as a whole pop out.       I'll try some other variations in a day or so.

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