September 13, 2009

Solder Practice Continues

I still wouldn't call my solder skills 'good', however, they are improving.     I set aside an hour or so after dinner to practice and completed 7 of the little Mancala marbles and made one 1"x3" Pendant.   For the pendant, I used a piece of my grafitti painted paper.      The solder feels slightly rough, where it edges the glass.   I'm going to run another bead on it tomorrow and see if that solves the issue ... perhaps these require two beads.

I'm finding the round pieces the most difficult ... I haven't yet found the right combination of tools to hold the marbles while working on them.    Tonight I added the jump rings first and then soldered the rest, that is working best so far.   Went online and browsed a variety of site looking for tool suggests, but .... nada.    So, I'll just keep trying different ways until I arrive at an answer.

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