September 14, 2009

Necklace Pendants from Blank Slides

I went to add a little more solder to yesterdays' Party pendant and I, somehow, managed to crack one of the glass sides.  So, I threw it out and started over with another.     I selected two more of my grafitti painted pages and cut out 1"x3"  pieces, to go along with the Party paper.       I also put together a small collage.   Each of these are two sided. 

I then practiced the foil wrap and solder.    I didn't get the tape  properly secured on the collage piece and the solder was coming loose.  I was picking at it, to figure out how to fix, and it came loose to the point I just pulled it off.  Well, count that up to a learning experience.   If the solder/tape has a loose point, it can all be pulled off, the glass cleaned and the whole piece started over ... versus throwing out the little collage.  Cool.

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