September 17, 2009

Crystals, Right off the Chandelier

My friend, Barb, took me to Chalmette yesterday to see visit see her 'pre-Katrina' home.   Not only had I not gone to see this extremely devasted area after Katrina, I'd never been there at all.    It seemed to be about 1/3rd inhabited and in various stages of neglect and/or rebuild.   The most surprising (although it shouldn't have been), is that a good number of folks are taking their Road Home money and, instead of rebuilding their homes, just leaving them in delapidated condition, and moving to another area .   It was an interesting day.  

On the way out, we passed a Thrift shop, and Barb, who apparently also loves Thrift shops, turned the block and pulled right in.   My best find was an ugly chandelier, tucked under a table, with loads of crystals on it.  I'd say it came out of one of the distressed homes, it was dirty, musty and the price tag was just $10.    SOLD.    But, since I was only interested in the crystals, Barb helped me remove them right there, in the shop, and I donated the chandelier right back to them.

Brought them home, and spent almost two hours with a pair of needle nose pliers removing the metal components that held the clasps together.   Then, put them in hot soapy water, with a little bleach (in case there were mold issues) and let them soak overnight.     I rinsed them this morning, and, just for safekeeping, added new soap and soaked in boiling water.    After the final rinse and air dry, I must say, they came out beautiful .

Although I already have a container full of crystals and certainly didn't need these, $10. was just too good a price to pass them up.

I've kept half for myself and the rest I've listed in my shop.

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