October 12, 2009

Bracelet remake ; pretty little packages

About two weeks ago I picked up 7 boxes of 'stuff' at a yard sale for $40.    Size of the boxes were patterns and the final boxes was odds and ends of, what looked like, junk jewelry.     I started routing through the box to see what was in there when it was offered for $10.00.    Well ... okay ... a $10.00 grabbag.   There were a good number of button covers; 1/2 of which I put in my supplies shop and the other half went to Grans Thrift Shop, along with bunches of really gaudy looking earrings, which I've taken apart for the plastic gems.   At the bottom of the box I found about 15 little metal bracelets.   Some were pretty little metal Packages and the rest were hearts and diamonds; gambling motif.   These sweet little packages caught my attention (the rest I took apart and put the metal charms into inventory).

  • I decided to dress it up into a more chunky charm type.   
  • Cut 8 small sections of chain.
  • Made up 32 beadsets using small beads
  • Attached 3 of the beadsets to each link of chain.
  • Strung them all together on stretch string.  
It's a fun little piece.

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