October 14, 2009

Crown Jewels for Stella

This is Stella and this is the Crown I'm giving her for Christmas and this is the story ....

As I mentioned, I picked up 6 boxes of patterns at a yard sale two weeks ago.   I've been going through them; keeping about 10% and listing the rest in my Artfire supplies shop.   I came across a costume pattern yesterday that had a crown (Simplicity 9454, copyright 2004).  I found myself thinking about putting it together, with some of those gawdy plastic gems (that came from the same yard sale) to create a wonderful little girl Crown for Stella's Christmas present. 

Stella's favorite color is purple, so I selected a piece of solid purple fabric and cut out the two pieces as well as the a heavy interfacing.   I pulled out the container of plastic gems and started making decisions ....

The gems on the fabric was way to stark, so pulled out the container of laces.  Selected a wide lace and 2 different ribbons, decided on the place and stitched into place.

Played around and decided on the placement for the gems.  Using my handy dandy Dremel (one of my favorite tools), drilled little holes into the plastic gems.   Sewed each of them into place.  The directions on the pattern called for gluing on the ornaments, but that didn't sound quite sturdy enough for a 6 year olds' play.

Sewed the front and back pieces together, turned right side out and did some decorative top stitches.   The pattern called for sewing the ends together, but decided on attaching with Velcro instead .. easier to ship flat as well as to put away (ya right) when she's not playing with it.     And ... drumroll please ... Crown Jewels for Stella !

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